A blurred image of a Bambu Lab X1C with three question marks on top

At the end of 2023, December 31st, to be exact, Bambu announced on X.com (previously Twitter.com) a new contest, open to all. The contest was to submit your best print of 2023 using the hashtag #best3dp2023. In that tweet, Bambu clearly stated in the title that it was to win the “flagship of 2024”.

Later, even though they stated that the flagship would not be revealed on the deadline of the contest, but rather later on in 2024, many speculated Bambu would reveal it on February 5th anyway.

The deadline was reached, Bambu announced the winner of the contest but didn’t reveal what the 2024 flagship will be. Could it be because they made a global recall of the A1 the previous day? We will probably never know.

Anyway, we know a new printer is coming but, so far, your guess is as good as ours.