MakerWorld contest schedule

Since we reported on the design contest schedule, MakerWorld has announced that they have decided to change it a little bit. Indeed, they want to give a little more time for designers to come up with beautiful designs before the Easter holidays.

Here is the new schedule:

02/23: Kit Cards——Design your own kit card set to build anything you desire! There are no limitations on the subject or the number of assembly parts, so feel free to turn your wildest imaginations into reality!

03/01: LandMark inspired—— Whether it’s an intricately crafted replica, an item inspired by a famous landmark (such as a hat shaped like the Eiffel Tower), or your own interpretations of fictional places such as Atlantis or Wakanda, we’re thrilled to be pleasantly surprised by your designs.

03/08: Easter———Capture the joy of the season with vibrant egg decorations, whimsical bunny-inspired art, or festive designs! We do however hope to see more elements involved, so look to expand the boundaries of your designs beyond the usual Easter items.

03/17: Bathroom Accessories & Organization—— We’re looking to discover every conceivable bathroom essential in this contest, so don’t limit yourself to just soap dishes or toothbrush holders; explore all the possibilities you can think of.