Bambu filament discount for everyone

In an email sent today, Bambu Lab announced that they decided to end the members-only filament discount and lower the prices for everybody for PLA Basic, PLA Matte, PETG Basic, PETG Translucent, and ABS. The new price will be official starting March 13th.

The price is currently as follows (with spool / refill) in USD:

  • PLA Basic: $27.99 / $24.99
  • PLA Matte: $27.99 / $24.99
  • PETG Basic: $27.99 / $24.99
  • PETG Translucent: $27.99 / –
  • ABS: $27.99 / $24.99

The new prices will be USD $19.99/roll with spool and $16.99/roll for refill, with no quantity limits, as was the case for the membership discount.

Also, as before, you can subscribe to Bambu Lab’s newsletter to be eligible to try new filaments.

Finally, Bambu Lab ended their e-mail by stating they will expand the refill color variants for all colors of PLA Basic and PLA Matte in an effort to be more Eco-Friendly.

This is obviously great news for everybody, as Bambu Lab offers great filament with RFID technology that makes switching filament in the AMS and AMS lite a breeze. Yet, as lots of people have experienced in the past, Bambu Lab filaments have often been sold out with long refilling times. We can only hope that Bambu Lab lowering the price of their filaments for everybody is an indication of this issue being behind us.

Bellow is a copy of the email that was sent:

In the past, filament discounts were exclusive to members. We hope that more people can enjoy them. Therefore, we have now decided to remove the membership restrictions starting from March 13th and open up the filament discount benefits to everyone, adopting a straightforward approach by “calling a spade a spade”.

What This Means for You

  • Buy More, Save More: Enjoy discounts on PLA Basic, PLA Matte, PETG Basic, PETG Translucent (new), and ABS. Get as low as US$19.99/roll for filament with spool and US$16.99/roll for refill, and there are no quantity limits on the purchase of filaments. Check the prices in your local currencies.
  • Trials of new filaments: By subscribing to Bambu Lab’s newsletter, you’ll become eligible to participate in trials of new filaments, getting the chance to try them before their official launch.

Being Truly Eco-Friendly

Environmental protection is something we care deeply about. We encourage you to continue using your finished master spool by reloading it with a new refill. In real terms, people now pay less for daily filaments than ever before and receive much more.

  • Expanded Refill Color Variants: We are in the process of completing refill options for all colors of PLA Basic and PLA Matte. Additionally, you can expect to see more options for cosmetic PLA and carbon fiber reinforced materials in the near future.

Happy 3D printing! If you have any questions about the filament, do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Bambu Lab Team