The new "Boost" button with a text saying "1 Boost = $1 Gift Card"

In a rather long and in-depth blog post, Bambu Lab announced today a new incentive system for MakerWorld. This new system is called “Boost” and will put you, the user, in the center of how the model designers are rewarded.

Bambu Lab first explains how they wanted to reward the designers, who make MakerWorld alive, by measuring popularity. Yet, even though this model works for other types of content, like videos or photos, it doesn’t apply to 3D prints. Indeed, 3D prints require you to have specific filaments, hardware, time, or skills. Some of the most awesome 3D models might not be rewarded for their quality but for how easy they are to print.

We won’t go into details in this article as you can (and should, if you are interested) read the announcement, but Bambu Lab explored many different ideas on how to tackle this problem. In the end, they decided to settle with the Boost system. You can find the new rules by clicking on “Rules,” located in the top right corner of your “Boosts Received” badge.

In essence, the Boost system is fairly easy to understand:

  • As a user, the more you actively engage with MakerWorld (through printing models), the more Boost tokens you’ll receive. Up to 1 token per week.
  • Once granted a Boost token, it is valid for two weeks.
  • You can then send your Boost token to the designer of your choice.
  • Each Boost token is worth $1 USD and can only be redeemed by the receiver.

To kick off the boost system, Bambu Lab will implement a few temporary measures:

  • To fight “point farmers,” Bambu Lab will initially hand out Boost tokens mostly to accounts linked to a Bambu Lab printer.
  • All eligible accounts will receive 2 Boost tokens to give away.
  • Bambu Lab will monitor the new Boost system closely and update it regularly to react to real-world applications.

Finally, if you have suggestions or concerns, you are encouraged to voice them on Bambu Lab’s forum.