An image representing the new flow for Maker's Supply

In a blog post released today, Bambu Lab officially announced a new program called Maker’s Supply and a new Maker’s Supply collection in their store.

The goal is to offer designers and makers a comprehensive “library” of non-printed parts. Bambu Lab also provides the digital version of each part so that designers can easily integrate them into their designs with their CAD software of choice.

The library contains fasteners, magnets, bearings, hardware, electronics, and tools. It allows easy purchase and reference to prevent mismatches.

With the new Bill of Material (BOM) introduced in MakerWork last week, Bambu Lab makes it easy for users to buy the pieces they need. Bambu Lab even says that “this approach guarantees that the parts selected by the user match precisely the ones utilized by the designer during the design process.”

Also, Bambu Lab will release a new Maker’s Supply Creator Incentive; each sale from one of your models will grant you points. Bambu Lab is still working on implementing it, and until it is ready, they will use a simple approach to ensure all designers are compensated. The program’s rules can be found here.

Regarding the future, Bambu Lab says they are not satisfied with the integration with MakerWorld. They will continue to work on it. They are also developing an affiliate tool. Finally, Bambu Lab is working on bringing more parts to the collection.

Check out the full announcement for some designs using the new parts if you are interested.