MakerWorld contest schedule

MakerWorld’s official account has published a new schedule for the upcoming contests:

May 13th, 2024: Wireless Mouse

How creative can a mouse get? Are there any mouse designs available for left-handed users? How about a stylish gaming mouse for my son? With numerous requests and limited models, our aim for this contest is to gather a diverse collection of wireless mouse designs tailored to various needs and preferences. Keep in mind that your entries should be compatible with our Wireless Mouse Components Kit 002 10

May 20th, 2024: Fishing Gear

Attention all fishing enthusiasts: Say goodbye to expensive fishing gear by crafting your own! Blend your unique design style with functionality and durability for this contest. If you’re unsure about which filament to use, experiment with our impact-resistant, water and UV-proof Bambu ASA Aero 8

May 27th, 2024: Parametric Model Maker

Are you interested in seeing how your fantastic work could be remixed? This contest gives you that opportunity! There are no themes or limitations—the only goal is to create as much space as possible for users to design their own projects in the Parametric Model Maker using your .scad file. Winners will be selected based on the number and quality of remixed pictures in the comments. Enjoy the fun as an originator and support others in unleashing their creativity at the same time!

If you are interested in participating, this is a great way to have one step ahead, and to already start designing.