MakerWorld update changelog

A few days ago, MakerWorld published a new update on their website with the following changelog:

  1. Enhanced Boost System Incentives
  • Doubled Boost Token Distribution: Users will now receive twice the amount of Boost Tokens for their contributions.
  • Point Incentives for Boost Models: Users will get points rewards after boosting a model. Those who have already boosted models will receive retroactive incentives.
  • Adjusted Boost-to-Point Exchange Rate: The exchange rate has been adjusted to 1:12. Designers who have already exchanged Boost Tokens will receive retroactive compensation for the difference.
  1. Parametric Model Maker Parametric Model Maker is now integrated into the model page. Users can customize the models with OpenSCAD files directly in the model page.

    Image from Bambu Lab
  2. Email Notifications Never miss a beat with our email notifications. Stay informed about all the activity happening around your content and engage with your community.
  3. Upload Model Files to Specific Folders Model files can now be uploaded to specific folders during the upload process.
  4. Individualized Model Cover Uploads for Web and App Designers can now upload separate cover images web (4:3) and app (4:3 or 3:4) of models. We also provide a tool to crop images to 4:3 or 3:4 for better presentation.
  5. Reduced Captcha for Registered Users Registered users will encounter fewer Captcha verifications. Repeated 3D previews or downloads of the same model will not trigger additional Captchas.
  6. Added Contest Previews Hovering over the “Contest” tab in the header will display a preview of ongoing and upcoming contests. Future contest information is also available on the contest page.
  7. Boost Received Notifications Users will now receive notifications when they receive Boost Tokens.
  8. Sorting by Boosts in Category and Search Results Models can now be sorted by Boost count in category and search results pages.

You can find a more detailed changelog on their wiki: