Picture of an X1C Printer with a red bug

Last week, Bambu Lab communicated on Reddit and X (Formerly Twitter) that they had identified a bug impacting the X1 series printers’ firmware 1.06.xx.xx or earlier. This can cause a failure to upgrade/downgrade its software to and from 01.08.xx.xx.

Also, as reported by a user on the Bambu Lab forum, being on an older version prevented some users from printing using the cloud. Bambu Lab quickly reacted and fixed the issue. A misconfiguration in the cloud interface caused this. The misconfiguration was reverted, but Bambu Lab advised rebooting the printer and restarting Bambu Studio / Bambu Handy if the issue persists.

Bambu Lab finished their communication with the following information:

Once all the infrastructure changes are fully implemented, we will update everyone with a detailed guide on how to perform the firmware upgrade safely to solve this problem.

Though we haven’t heard from them yet, we’ll update you when they publish something new regarding this issue.