MakerWorld logo and text "New types of contests"

MakerWorld has announced on their forum that they will spice things up regarding the contests. On top of the regular contests, they are adding two new types of contests:

  • Master Challenges
  • Pop-up Workshops

They say you will be able to distinguish them based on their names.

Master Challenges differ from regular design contests in the sense that:

  • They typically require the integration of other components or features available in MakerWorld, such as:
    • MakerLab
    • Specific Filaments
    • Official Hardware Kits
    • Hardware parts or Electronics
    • Printer Accessories
  • They offer significantly higher prize money compared to regular contests
  • They generally run for a longer duration than regular contests

MakerWorld notices that those challenges have already been included in the design contests. We assume they are talking about the OpenSCAD Master Challenge.

Pop-up Workshops will be released without any previews or teasers. MakerWorld aims to see who can spontaneously generate the most exciting ideas and intriguing designs on the given topics.

With those two new categories, MakerWorld hopes to bring something new to the design contests, allowing everyone to participate and providing new and exciting content to all users.