Update: Bambu Lab communicated on Reddit that the issue is now fixed. The issue was an SSL certificate update that caused the A1 and P1 series printers’ firmware to crash. They changed the SSL certificate again and used a different algorithm to fix the issue. A fix for the bug in the A1 and P1 series firmware is also on the way.

Users have started reporting on Reddit that their printers are behaving incorrectly lately. It appears to be affecting the P1S, but a user reported that his two A1 minis were also impacted.

The impacted printers either reset themselves and continue printing or stop completely in the middle of a print. A user claims this started to appear five days ago and is affecting more and more printers.

According to people on Reddit, the only solution is to put the printer in “LAN-only mode” and start the print again. However, Bambu Lab is aware of the problem and is actively trying to identify the issue so that a fix can be delivered as soon as possible.

We will update you when we have more information from Bambu Lab.