MakerWorld update changelog

Last week, MakerWorld sent a System notification to everyone, highlighting the latest changes brought to the website.

The changes include:

  • Optimized Chinese search experience
    Improved word segmentation and added synonym matching to find more relevant models based on search terms
  • Print counts for STL and customized models
    Printing the customized file (either STL or 3mf) from an OpenSCAD model or the STL file of a model will also increase the print count
  • Added “Customizable” and “Maker’s Supply” filters
    Easily find customizable models and models that use materials from Maker’s Supply with the new “Customizable” and “Maker’s Supply” filters
  • Interactive experience optimization
    • When uploading models, only the upload of the web cover is mandatory, while the app cover and model image list are optional
    • On the search results page, the search bar will be pinned to the top when the page scrolls, making it convenient for users to perform secondary searches
    • Automatically recognize links in the comment area and support clicking to jump
    • If you have agreed to the user agreement and privacy policy, the agreement page will not pop up again when you log in
    • The download method (Open in Bambu Studio, Download 3mf or Download STL) you selected last time will be automatically recorded on the model page, so you don’t need to select it every time
    • Added China region redemption guide on the points redemption page

You can find a more detailed changelog on their wiki: