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If you like to browse the “New Uploads” section on MakerWorld, you probably have noticed that many uploads are low-quality models, often reposts of other websites, without an actual print picture.

Update: The MakerWorld official account has clarified the reason behind the requirement to showcase an actual printed model:

Regarding requesting actual printed images, our main goal is to ensure that the designs uploaded to MakerWorld can be printed reliably. As a result, we feel that it’s the responsibility of the designers to test print their designs before sharing them, in order to reassure printablility of their models. Nevertheless, there are situations where we are open to being flexible, and we are willing to address these case by case.

For example, if there are numerous successful printed images in the comments section, along with predominantly positive reviews from our users confirming the design’s printability, this model is less likely to be removed even if an actual printed picture is not provided. This is why we strongly encourage users to share their prints, whether successful or not, at all times.

It appears that a lot of people have been complaining about that on Bambu Lab’s forum, and MakerWorld has taken notice of those complaints. In a post posted today, MakerWorld official account has expressed their intent to tackle this issue. They will assign moderators to more closely monitor the “New Uploads” section and enforce “rigorously” the following rules:

  • If an upload lacks images showcasing the actual printed model, it will be taken down from the website.​
  • Repeated violators of our community guidelines will be at risk of having their models removed and their accounts banned.​
  • If a user’s recent upload activities are flagged as spam by the system, their uploads will be removed, and their accounts will be suspended.​

As shown by the early reactions to the announcement, many people seem pleased with the newly taken actions. MakeWorld also encourages people to provide feedback to improve the overall quality of their website. So, feel free to express yourself in the comments or in the forum if you believe some more actions should be taken.