Make My Sign 1.0

Following the release of Make My Vase 1.1 yesterday, MakerWorld has released the first 1.0 version of Make My Sign.

In their announcement on Reddit, they mention the following highlights:

Make My Sign 1.0 Highlights:

  • Facedown Mode – Use your printer’s multi-color capability to create a perfectly flat, multi-color sign by illustrating at the bottom layer.
  • Curved Text – Adjust the curvature of your text to match your design.
  • Flexible Holes – Puncture your sign with freely customizable holes for more hanging options.

But, once again, a more complete changelog can be found directly inside the tool itself:

Facedown Printing

After turning on Facedown Mode, all elements will be at the same height as the base plate. In the output 3mf file, the sign surface will face down to the printing plate, so that a sign with a flat surface can be printed.

Curved Text

Now you can adjust the curvature of the text to achieve a curved text.

Flexible Holes

Now you are no longer limited to preset hole positions and sizes. You can freely add holes. Then you can drag the position of the hole and adjust its size.

Optimized Selection Interaction for Overlapping Elements

If there are multiple elements in the area where the left mouse button is clicked, an element selection menu will pop up to accurately select the element you want.

Thickness for A Single Element

In addition to setting a uniform thickness for a type of elements, now you can set thickness for a single element.

Precisely Set Element Size

Now you can precisely set the size of the element through the input box.

Remove the Base Plate

Now you can remove the base plate by choosing no plate or setting the thickness of the plate to 0 mm. After removing the base plate, the generated 3mf will only include elements other than the plate.

Multi-Element Alignment

After selecting multiple elements, you can align multiple elements through the alignment tool.

Bold and Italic

Now you can add bold and italic styles to the text (it is only supported by a few fonts).

MakerWorld also release an image showcasing the highlights of this release:

Picture from the Reddit post announcing the release: