Exactly one month after the “A1 Recall Update” blog post, or what feels like an eternity for the customers still waiting for an answer on their refund support ticket, Bambu Lab published a new blog post addressing the elephant in the room: their current customer support status.

Don’t get us wrong, it is great that Bambu Lab decided to communicate on this matter and, it has only been a month since they last communicated. However, with so many customers left in the dark, we can’t stop feeling like this should have been addressed sooner.

In their blog post, Bambu Lab mentions “[they] are committed to being as transparent as possible” but fails to give any numbers and only mentions “most of these users” when talking about the people who requested a refund and got a shipping label from the support. We would have liked to have a proper number and also an estimation as to when they think they’ll clear up the backlog of cases still not handled.

Onto the better news, Bambu Lab said “[they] aim to air ship the first batch of new heatbed components by the end of March.” But keep in mind that even though they have confirmed the improvement solution through extensive testing, they are still conducting final durability tests. They will proactively contact people who have chosen to replace their heatbed through their support ticket so be patient.

For the technical tickets, Bambu Lab recognizes there is a big issue, with people waiting for more than a week to get an answer. They are aiming at reducing this waiting to less than 3 business days and for a future target of less than 24 hours. Bambu Lab notes that “Providing detailed information and selecting the correct issue type significantly speeds up the process of identifying and resolving your concern promptly.”

Bambu Lab recognizes the situation is far from ideal and they want to improve things. In that regard, they have opened up the comments on the wiki and will actively review the feedback. You are also invited to share your article in their Official Forum to maybe be featured in the Community Contributions section.

Bambu Lab would like the Wiki to be more deeply integrated into the Bambu Lab ecosystem to “provide a more convenient platform and a fair reward mechanism for users contributing to knowledge content creation.”

Finally, they have launched live chat support for general inquiries. On this page, you can click on the right sidebar to select a category of questions and find the live chat portal.

So, through this blog post, we can see that Bambu Lab is trying to address the support issues they have been facing due to their rapid user base growth. Though we may regret that the A1 situation is not discussed in more detail, we can only applaud that Bambu Lab is trying to correct the situation for all their users.