MakerWorld update changelog

Today, MakerWorld published a new update on their website with the following changelog:

  • Newly Designed Homepage
  • MakerLab Update: Share Your Templates, Spark New Creations
  • Personalized Content Recommendations (rolling out this week)
  • Search prediction feature and optimized search result page
  • Password changing feature and 2-Step authentication in Account Settings.
  • Support @mentions and username-based personal page URLs
  • Print Profile reorder for designers
  • You can now delete pending items from your rating queue, useful if a print profile is no longer relevant or public.
  • Added the ability to paste pictures directly into private messages for richer communication.
  • Increased the print profile size limit to 200MB to accommodate larger and more complex designs.
  • Blocked some spam in private messages.

You can find a more detailed changelog on their wiki: