MakerWorld contest schedule

MakerWorld’s official account has published a new schedule for the upcoming contests:

March 25th, 2024: Spring/Flower

Spring is upon us, and everything is coming back to life again. Showcase how you would decorate your environment with flowers and other spring elements. Surprise us with your color and pattern coordination!

April 1st, 2024: Filament Purge

Demonstrate how you smartly incorporate filament purges(or “poop” as it’s humorously known) into your designs and inspire innovative ways to reuse printing waste. No limitations on the type of entries you submit, but make sure to elaborate on how you’ve integrated filament purges into your designs.

April 8th, 2024: Car Cabin Accessories

Finding adequate storage and free space in your vehicle is often a challenge, isn’t it? There’s never enough room for your phone or drinks, and charging wires seem to be constantly tangled. Help drivers and passengers in freeing up more cabin space with your creations. Make sure to test them out before sharing!

If you are interested in participating, this is a great way to have one step ahead, and to already start designing.