Following their announcement in their customer support update blog post, Bambu Lab has announced today on their forum that they are creating a reward system for community contributions.

Bambu Lab believes that user contributions are valuable in improving the user experience when using Bambu Lab products. To that effect, the Community Contributions Wiki section is introduced to serve as a place where everyone can contribute useful information related to their products.

This is how Bambu Lab describes the new Wiki section:

In this section, you can share useful tips, guides and recommendations related to Bambu Lab products and services. From simple guides like how to use certain features of Bambu Studio to slicing files for specific project, or troubleshooting guides to solve particular issues that might occur during the printing phase, we welcome all contributions.

If you have a good idea on how to help others be successful in their 3D printing journey, we would love to see it published as a Community Contribution.

Bambu Lab states the “most useful Community Contributions” will be rewarded with two spools of PLA Filament (Basic PLA or Matte PLA of random color) and a Gold Community Contributor badge issued on the Forum.

Bambu Lab continues to explain that the Bambu Lab Wiki Team user will contact the owners of eligible posts to ask for approval to link the content and get the required information to ship the rewards.

The reward will be granted to the contributions that get featured and linked in the Community Contribution section 3 of the Bambu Lab Wiki.

To be eligible for the rewards, the content needs to follow the following rules:

  • The Article or Video needs to be published on the Bambu Lab Forum in the Community Contributions section.
  • The information included in the Forum post should not be already covered in our Official Wiki, but it can include useful new information that enriches the current published content.
  • All the content published in the Community Contributions section (pictures, text, video) should be original and created by the user sharing the forum post. Avoid using content made by others as this will not be eligible for rewards.

At the moment of writing, the Community Section of the wiki doesn’t seem to be live but is pointing at this page explaining how to contribute: