Hardware Kit K012
From: https://eu.store.bambulab.com/products/wireless-charger-kit-k012

Today, Bambu Lab announced they have released a new Hardware Kit, the K012.

For $45 USD, you can buy this kit to create a working wireless phone charger.

The hardware kit is provided with an official A1 Mini 3D printed model to make it charge your phone. The 3D model is actually articulated, as shown in the video below:

From https://eu.store.bambulab.com/products/wireless-charger-kit-k012

But, if you are nostalgic for the “Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2” game, you might prefer this other design from 30 3D Print:

From https://makerworld.com/en/models/18389

This is also articulated, as can be seen in the video provided in the 3D model’s description.

If you are interested, you can order the hardware kit at the following address: