Picture of an A1 mini with information about its new lower price
From https://store.bambulab.com/

In an e-mail sent today, Bambu Lab announced they are making the A1 Mini more affordable by lowering the price from $299 USD to $249 USD. The A1 mini combo has also been reduced from US$459 to US$399.

Bambu Lab also mentioned that a new firmware will hit the A1 mini with the following changes:

  • ‘‘Air Printing” Detection (in conjunction with AMS lite)
    Detects when filament flow issues lead to unprinted movements, pausing the print and alerting users to prevent waste.
  • Build Plate Detection (Bambu Studio version≥
    Thoughtful reminder for beginners: Ensures a plate is set before printing to avoid printer damage.
  • Nozzle Clumping Detection
    Automatically detect filament clumping around the nozzle.
  • SD card remote browsing
    Delete, print, and manage timelapses directly from the MicroSD card via Bambu Studio.

In their announcement on Reddit, Bambu Lab also mentions that the wiki regarding the A1 mini has been improved to help you master your printer.

If you are interested in buying an A1 Mini, head now to Bambu Lab’s store before they run out: https://store.bambulab.com/products/a1-mini