OrcaSlicer v2.0.0 RC

Just shy of two weeks after the beta release, OrcaSlicer published a new version: 2.0.0 RC.

Unlike what is usually the case for RC releases, OrcaSlicer is not just a few bug fixes and a version bump of the beta. OrcaSlicer 2.0.0 RC comes with its own set of improvements and new feature:

  • Rewriten 3D Honeycomb infill
  • Tweak the home page in OrcaSlicer
  • Tweak OrcaSlicer log
  • Revised Inner Outer Inner mode
  • Support new network connections to printer:
    • Support for SimplyPrint cloud integration
    • Falashforge 5M network support
  • Fix an issue that only 1 bottom/top will be generated when ensure vertical thickness is set to None
  • Fixed an issue that changing printer selection clears out Process overrides
  • Fix alternate extra wall warning: change ensure vertical shell thickness to Moderate instead of None
  • Revert automatic application of reduced internal bridge filtering for lightning infill
  • Fix startup crashes caused by splash screen
  • Prevent crashes from edge cases when slicing complex small models with “big” fuzzy skin is used
  • Fix an issue that the painter sphere is rendered at the wrong position
  • Fixed a bug that prompt of installing plugin notification was not displayed when trying to switch to Bambu device tab
  • New profiles
  • New/Updates translations
  • Various small general improvements

As always, the full change log can be found on GitHub along with the links to download the latest version: https://github.com/SoftFever/OrcaSlicer/releases/tag/v2.0.0-rc