MakerWorld expressed on the Bambu Lab forum that they will take action against some abuses they have witnessed regarding the model’s reward system.

Some people seem to have deliberately uploaded very simple and fast-to-print models to print them a lot with another account and earn points in the first account. The same goes with multi-plate models.

To combat this, MakerWorld is introducing two changes:

  1. Multiple prints of the same model will only be counted once.
  2. For multi-plate models, each plate was previously counted as a separate print. However, some users print only the smallest/easiest plate of a complex model repeatedly. Therefore, regardless of the number of plates, it will only be counted as one print now.

MakerWorld will soon introduce a new mechanism to reward complex models. However, until then, they have decided to temporarily remove this feature.

They also observed that some accounts were bot accounts that downloaded models in bulk to cheat the system. Count restrictions will be in place for those accounts.

Finally, prints with a duration shorter than a certain time, not communicated, will be subject to additional restrictions or may not be counted.

MakerWorld thinks that those new restrictions will also help with reducing the number of bot accounts. To combat this further, they added human-machine verification steps during registration.