Picture of a Bambu Lab A1 with an AMS Lite and filament spools loaded
Picture taken from Bambu Lab's website: https://eu.store.bambulab.com/en-be/products/a1

As announced over social media, Bambu Lab is closing in on bringing back the A1. In their communication, we can get two important pieces of information:

  1. The first batch of replacement heatbed units is arriving at local warehouses, meaning they will soon be sent to customers who opted for a replacement.
  2. The A1 will be restocked globally in Bambu Lab’s official store around the first week of May.

The rest of the post shows how the heatbed has been improved with some nice infographics:

In a tweet, Bambu Lab shared a video of how they have tested the durability of the new cable, the process is called accelerated life testing:

From: https://twitter.com/BambulabGlobal/status/1775367016452698199