An image of 2 pictures transformed into printable keychains. The text says "Image to Keychain. Turn images into keychains, bookmarks & more."

In a Reddit post, Bambu Lab asks everyone interested in joining a new beta test to register. From what we can assume from the post, this will most likely be a new MakerLab tool allowing you to create “keychains, bookmarks & more” from any picture.

Bambu Lab describes it as:

Simply pick an image, and Image to Keychain will prep it for 3D printing. Based on the vectorized image, match colors with the filaments available to you. Plus, customize vector blocks by changing colors, adjusting thickness, or even hollowing out specific parts to create unique effects.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, fill out the small questionnaire: Bambu Lab says the spots are limited.