A picture of the effect sheets with the text: "Bambu 3D Effect Sheets Combo with Plate. - Galaxy Surface - Carbon Fiber Surface - Starry Surface - Diamond Surface"
From https://store.bambulab.com/products/bambu-3d-effect-sheets-combo-with-plate

If you don’t know what effect sheets are, let’s explain them better first. Just like textured plates, some sheets have unique and small patterns engraved directly into them, giving them a nice holographic style. This effect is transferred to your prints, just like with textured plates. Made with Layers (Thomas Sanladerer) made a great video demonstrating those sheets 5 months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQRKqAKfILs

2 weeks after having quietly put online a video of how to apply effect sheets on their build plate on YouTube, Bambu Lab has officially communicated about their new sheets.

Bambu Lab is offering 4 different sheets, which you can buy now with a plate in their store:

  • Galaxy Surface
  • Carbon Fiber Surface
  • Starry Surface
  • Diamond Surface

But the real question is, should you care? As some have already stated, this isn’t new, and the patterns offered here are the same as those you can find elsewhere, just like in Thomas’ video. Also, Bambu offers sheets that you have to manually stick onto a plate, leaving the fair possibility of bubbles and other mishaps. We haven’t tested Bambu Lab’s effect sheet or the other plates, so we do not have an opinion to share, but if you do, feel free to share it with us in the comments!