Bambu Studio v1.9.1

After beta1, beta2, beta3, and beta4, Bambu Lab released today the official release of Bambu Studio 1.9.1.

Compared to the beta releases, this official release doesn’t bring much except for some ironing out:

  • Some translations improvement in Ukrainian, Turkish, and French.
  • Fix the bug that changing filament with height range modifier does not work on assemblies
  • Fix the bug that the models containing a specific height range cause the software to crash when slicing.
  • Fix some model files that failed to be sent in LAN mode with a prompt error of -4020
  • Some fixes in GCodeConflictChecker
  • Fix some building issue for linux
  • Fixed some logic error in PLA jamming gcode for P1S
  • Fixed by building issue under Flathub

Bambu Studio crash at the open stage on some MacOS computer (#4050)
this is caused by an old configuration file in $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/BambuStudio/ota
please delete this directory and re-launch Bambu Studio again

You can check the release notes of the 4 beta releases or go directly to the wiki page detailing the full release note of the 1.9.1 release: