Bambu Studio v1.9.0 Beta

Today, Bambu Lab released beta 4 of Bambu Studio 1.9.1.

Bambu Lab describes it as: “This is a major release that introduces features, improvements, and fixes according to user feedback.”. Here is the changelog:

  1. Support Multi-device Management.
  2. Imported .obj File with Color Function
  3. New CrossHatch Infill Pattern
  4. Added binding method for pin code
  5. Error code pop-up using new UI
  6. Optimized PA calibration for P-series and A-series printers
  7. Added more fonts. (PrusaSlicer inspired this improvement)
  8. Added an assembly tool for creating assembly relationships between objects.
  9. Add “filament long retraction when cut” for P1P and P1S. The P series firmware that supports this feature will be released soon.
  10. Some translations improvement
  11. Add local levelling for A1 series
  12. Fixed a issue of AMS mapping when printing with gcode.3mf
  13. Fixed a wrong print sequence issue caused by narrow parts in internal bridge.
  14. Fixed a Linux building issue

The complete changelog can be found on the GitHub release page, along with links to download the software:

Please note that 3MF files produced with the beta release cannot be uploaded to MakerWorld.