The new "Boost" button with a text saying "1 Boost = $1 Gift Card"

One of the biggest complaints people have with the new Boost system introduced a month ago is that people are not incentivized to give Boost to model creators. However, as stated in their initial announcement, Bambu Lab is watching closely how people use the Boost system to improve it.

Bambu Lab noticed that problem, too, and in a forum post, MakerWorld explained how they have improved the Boost system to try to fix this issue.

To do so, they are now giving points to users for boosting models. Users will receive 5 points for the first model they boost and 2 points for subsequent boosts.

This change is retroactive, so users who have already handed Boost tokens will be granted points for those boosts.

Also, from now on, users will receive twice the amount of Boost Tokens for their contributions. Hoping this will increase the number of Boost Tokens given to model creators.

Finally, the exchange rate has been adjusted to 1:12. Model creators who have already exchanged Boost Tokens will receive retroactive compensation for the difference.

We believe this is a nice change and we hope this will help model creators being rewarded for their efforts.