OrcaSlicer v2.1.0

Just one month after the release of version 2.0.0, OrcaSlicer, the community-developed fork of Bambu Studio, received a new update and was bumped to version 2.1.0 Beta.

Even though the version bump is not big, the release is still packed with a lot of new features:

  • Brand-new icons
  • Support open/import model from Prinables.com, Thingiverse.com & MakerWorld.com (Only on Windows)
  • Infill direction enhancements
  • Port new sparse infill pattern Cross Hatch from Bambu Studio and optimization
  • Improve seam performance
  • Support larger printer
  • ESP3D printer connection for wireless printing
  • Fix wrong overhang slowdown
  • SEMM: Introduced parameter to control the maximum speed used for purging in the purge tower
  • Adjustable infill wall overlap for top and bottom surfaces
  • Touchpad-friendly 3d navigation
  • Orca Slicer default parameter tweaks
  • Fixed a bug that top surface was mistaken as bridge in some cases
  • Added “Precise Z Height” option
  • Support Multi-device Management for Bambu Lab printers (ported from Bambu Studio)
  • Reducing purge through retracting filament for Bambu Lab printers with AMS (ported from Bambu Studio)
  • Other UI fixes, bug fixes, and translation fixes

The complete changelog can be found on the GitHub release page along with nice illustrations for the main new features: https://github.com/SoftFever/OrcaSlicer/releases/tag/v2.1.0-beta