A picture showing how much filament is saved when retracting before cutting
From: https://www.reddit.com/r/BambuLab/comments/1byywgq/major_update_to_reduce_purge_wastesave_up_to_25/

In December 2023, someone with the username “LeonFisherSkipper” opened a pull request on the Bambu Studio repository. The pull request was thorough and claimed they could reduce the amount of plastic purged with a simple profile change.

Bambu Lab listened and conducted some tests on their own to ensure this would not have any side effects. They found some issues with the profiles in certain conditions, but they decided to take this idea further, which leads us to today.

Bambu Lab announced they are introducing a significant AMS update to reduce filament purge! The feature is called “Long retraction when cut” and can save up to 25% of filament purge volume during filament change.

This feature will now be available as a public beta release in Bambu Studio. By default, it supports Bambu PLA Basic and Bambu PETG Basic on X1-Carbon printers. Bambu Lab plans to expand the compatibility to include all X/P series and other filaments in future updates.

If you would like to experience this new feature firsthand, download the public beta version of Bambu Studio at [Reduce Purge Waste] and update your X1C printer to firmware version