An image of 2 pictures transformed into printable keychains. The text says "Image to Keychain. Turn images into keychains, bookmarks & more."

Two days ago, Bambu Lab officially released their MakerLab tool “Image to Keychain.” As a reminder, this tool was released in beta at the beginning of March.

We tried the tool during the beta, and we were a bit thrown off because the model you imported cannot be moved. Yet, you can move the added plate and bookmark/keyring add-ons. During the beta, the build plate indicator didn’t move and your model could be “floating” outside but they realign now making this a lot less confusing.

An “All About Bambu” bookmark is being designed in “Image to Keychain.”

It seems the 3D preview is still incorrect but support had told me this is not going to affect your print when you import it in the slicer.

An “All About Bambu” bookmark in “Image to Keychain” is previewed as floating out of the build plate.

Bambu Lab also added some new things since the beta:

  • Get inspired with a library of ready-to-go examples. 🚀
  • Seamlessly import your projects into Make My Sign to add text, shapes, and icons for even more personalization. ✍️
  • Create keychains with integrated holes, perfect for attaching rings or cords. ⭕️

If you are interested to try it out, head now to MakerWorld’s MakerLab tool at the following address: