Bambu Studio v1.9.3

Just 10 days after publishing 1.9.2, Bambu Lab has released a new slicer version, 1.9.3.

This release is very small and was probably released to support the official launch of MakerWorld China.

Here is the changelog:

  • Users in the China region can now see the Maker World page on the homepage.
  • PCTG filament has been added; previously classified under PETG, generic PCTG now has its own distinct classification.
  • Decrease the speed of overhang walls to get better overhang quality.
  • Japanese and Turkish translations improvements
  • Fixed the issue that caused some clients to be unable to access the MakerWorld region page.
  • Fixed the issue of A1 mini purge filament outside the tray.
  • Fixed the conflict between the cmd+M shortcut for opening the 3D mouse settings and the minimize function on Mac.
    The new shortcut for opening the 3D mouse settings on Mac is now cmd+shift+M. The shortcut remains unchanged on Windows.

You can check the release notes of the 1.9.3 directly on their GitHub for more information: