Bambu Studio v1.9.2

Just less than a month after publishing 1.9.1, Bambu Lab has released a new slicer version, 1.9.2.

As expected from a minor point upgrade, Bambu Studio 1.9.2 brings a few improvements and bug fixes.

  1. In the “Send Print Job” interface, the model preview will render the actual colors of the filaments based on the filaments currently loaded in the AMS.
  2. The “start G-code” and “end G-code” for X1 and X1 Carbon have been updated, adding G-code to play audio at the start and end of printing. This is in anticipation of a future firmware update.
  3. Some translations improvement
  4. Mirror the Cross Hatch improvement for low-density settings made by OrcaSlicer.
  5. Fixed Bambu Studio crash at the open stage on some macOS computer
  6. Fixed Bambu Studio crash at the open stage on some Windows computer
  7. Fixed multiple model objects in the right-click menu failed to export an STL
  8. Fixed the crash problem of text when inputting negative thickness
  9. Fixed some multi-color slicing errors
  10. Fixed issue with the object interface page
  11. Fixed the issue of text boxes being unable to be edited in presets
  12. Fixed issue with preset saving
  13. Fixed issue caused by enabling scarf seam
  14. Fixed object exclusion does not work for 3-rd party printer
  15. Limit 3D text thickness to no less than 0.01mm
  16. Fixed issue with Tree Hybrid setting top z
  17. Fixed the issue of difficulty removing support caused by pla_spport
  18. Fixed building issue under Flathub

You can check the release notes of the 1.9.2 directly on their GitHub for more information: