Bambu Studio v1.9.0 Beta

Yesterday, along with announcing the new reducing purge feature, Bambu Lab released the second beta of Bambu Studio 1.9.0, label v01.09.00.69.

Here is a list of the new features and improvements listed in the changelog:

  • Reducing purge through retracting filament
  • Improved sharp tail support
  • Precise z height
  • Added translation, rotation, and measurement tools in the assembly diagram
  • Added face and face assembly functions in the measurement tools to facilitate the rapid assembly of two objects
  • Multi-material segmentation improvements
  • Added support for used filament statistics
  • Port the new “ensure_vertical_thickness” algorithm from PrusaSlicer
  • Port the “Extend sparse infill” feature from PrusaSlicer
  • Add Bambu ABS-GF,Bambu ASA-Aero,Bambu Support for PLA/PETG
  • Add Turkish Support
  • Refine Ukrainian translation
  • Adapt and enhance the 3DHoneyComb infill from OrcaSlicer

The complete changelog can be found on the GitHub release page along with links to download the software:

Please note that 3MF files produced with the beta release cannot be uploaded to MakerWorld.