Bambu Studio v1.9.0 Beta

Barely two days after releasing beta 2, Bambu Lab released beta 3 of Bambu Studio 1.9.0.

As you can expect with a release so close to the previous one, the changelog is short. Nevertheless, some new features have been introduced. Without further ado, here is the changelog:

  1. Fix the issue of inability to use support filament for AMS mapping.
  2. Fix the issue of auto-orient instability due to numerical accuracy.
  3. Complete re-write of the spiral vase feature.
  4. Display filament labels in the “change filament” context menus.
  5. Optimized the issue of continuous memory consumption caused by refreshing the Device Tab in the background.

The complete changelog can be found on the GitHub release page along with links to download the software:

Please note that 3MF files produced with the beta release cannot be uploaded to MakerWorld.